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What is your Goal?

Weight Loss & Toning

Experts agree that proper weight loss and toning requires resistance training, and CrossFit does that in spades. CrossFit can dramatically alter one’s body composition by increasing muscle and burning fat, both of which leads to a toned and aesthetically-pleasing body.

Strength & Muscle Gain

CrossFit is a power sport that requires endurance. Its emphasis on work capacity – exerting the most amount of force over any period of time – makes it an extremely effective way to build strength and muscle in a functional way.

Athletic Performance

Experienced sports trainers know two things: All athletic motions and movements start from the core and 2) athletes who can perform near max capacity towards the end of the match has a much higher chance to win. In both cases, CrossFit as a strength and conditioning program is king thanks to its emphasis on generating force from core to extremities and its ability to dramatically increase work capacity in ways that are transferrable to all other sports.

Look Good, Feel Good

Hands down: CrossFitters look GOOD. Thanks to its emphasis on constantly varied functional movements, our athletes lose weight and tone up while earning every bit of swagger they get along the way. After all, strong and confident is the new skinny!

Health & Longevity

CrossFit is basically a commitment to living an active lifestyle. The activities required to be successful at CrossFit – eating healthy, training consistently, and practicing active recovery – are (unsurprisingly) the same habits proven to improve overall health indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, cardiovascular capacity, bone density, etc. It’s everything a person needs to achieve a happier healthier life.

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