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Membership Policy


Membership Policy

This article describes the rights and responsibilities our members have regarding their memberships.


Generally, CrossFit MindFire do not use contracts nor hold their members to membership lengths longer than 1 month. The only exception to this rule are specialty programs and/or special offers/promotions.


All members are required to have a debit/credit card OR ACH banking info saved on file, and auto-payment is required for a period of at least 6 months. After 6 months, members may request to make cash payments. CrossFit MindFire reserves the right to allow/disallow such requests and/or reinstate auto-payment at their own discretion.


CrossFit MindFire reserves the right to increase membership rates at its own discretion with 30 day written notice. When this happens, existing memberships will be grandfathered in to preserve rates for existing memberships. Existing members can keep their grandfathered membership packages as long as they keep their membership in good standing (Ie. Paying on time, not canceling, etc) and without disruption. Please note membership packages cannot be grandfathered more than once.


Monthly recurring memberships may be put on hold for a period of 15 to 60 day per billing cycle assuming membership change requirement. All other membership types (punch cards, specialty programs, etc) cannot be put on hold. Memberships cannot be placed on hold more than once within any 12-month period (not calendar year). If life situation requires multiple holds within the 12-month period of time, then the membership will simply be canceled and resumed as necessary.


Members may cancel their active memberships at any time. However, it is the member’s responsibility to initiate proper, clear, and explicate communication and in a timely manner. In order to initiate a change for an active membership, members must send an e-mail to [email protected] and state the following information:

  • Whose membership is being canceled (for those having multiple accounts for different family members)
  • Action: Hold or cancel
  • Date of change
  • Length of change (for holds — see below)
  • Reason (brief summary)

Please note simply sending the request does not mean the change is final. We will reach respond and reach out within 3 business days to finalize the change.

For change made towards discounted memberships, CrossFit MindFire reserves the right to collect the prorated amount of the discounted month(s) upon change and/or cancellation.


All membership changes must be initiated at least 8 days prior to bill due date. Once the bill payment due e-mail has been delivered (NOT if/when the member receives it) 7 days prior to bill due date, payment is expected and the requested change cannot be applied until the following billing cycle.


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