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What Makes CrossFit MindFire Different?

CrossFit isn’t just a workout and MindFire isn’t just a gym: We’re a community. Routines are boring and easy doesn’t work. Training together to become faster, stronger, and more capable is what sets us apart. Working against our limits is what moves the sticks. Training differently every day is what makes the process fun. Celebrating triumphant breakthrough moments with friends is what makes the journey meaningful. Simply put, fitness is who we are and what we do. So, if you want to make sustainable life-altering change towards better health and elite fitness with a group of like-minded people then you’ve come to the right place!

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I don't like to exercise. Can CrossFit help?

It depends. If you don’t enjoy exercising whatsoever then CrossFit is definitely not for you; however, CrossFit could be the answer you’re looking for if 1) you’re bored by routines, 2) nothing you do works, and/or 3) you need guidance on how to exercise effectively.

Do I have to be a superstar athlete to have success doing CrossFit?

No, absolutely not. Most CrossFitters are normal every day people who enjoy the challenge of high intensity workouts, doing different things everyday, and having fun with friends they meet at the box. Good genes certainly helps put up better scores, but it’s not necessary to reap the benefits of improving health and being immersed in a positive supportive social environment.

I hear CrossFit is really hard. Why is that?

CrossFit tends to be more challenging than other exercise programs because we 1) train differently every day and 2) improve fitness by enhancing athletic performance. Doing so requires mental discipline above & beyond simply showing up to the gym and going through the motions for 30-60 minutes. While this does increase CrossFit’s learning curve, we feel it’s more fun, engaging, and meaningful this way. Simply put, the challenge is worth it because the reward for doing well in CrossFit are physical fitness AND mental toughness that are functional and adaptable to all areas of life.

Anybody can do CrossFit... Really?

Honestly, YES! However, just because anybody can do CrossFit doesn’t mean everybody should. Generally, people love CrossFit more for its supportive social environment than the workouts themselves. It’s a fantastic option for people who want to get back into shape without doing the same old routines that never seem to work. That said, here are some reasons why you absolutely SHOULD NOT do CrossFit: 1) You despise any/all forms of exercise. 2) You believe you can – or should be able to – exercise enough and quit after X number of weeks. 3) Your ideal look is that of a supermodel and everything else looks disgusting. 4) You’re legitimately horrified by how intense CrossFit looks. 5) You don’t like coaching/being told what to do. 6) You’re extremely anti-social. 7) You don’t have medical clearance for physical activity. 8) You have serious/chronic illnesses and/or conditions whose symptoms may be worsened by high intensity workouts.

How much/long does it take for CrossFit to "work"?

In the beginning, eating smart (consuming just enough to support exercise plus making healthier food choices) and working out 3 days a week consistently for 6 weeks is enough to 1) make noticeable changes to body composition and 2) improve overall health indicators like cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. As your fitness improves and your body adapts to the rigors of CrossFit (usually around 3-6 months), working out 4 days a week and doing it consistently for a year will make dramatic yet sustainable improvements to your body composition, athletic performance, and overall health indicators. Basically, it’s entirely possible to completely change your physique and/or life by doing CrossFit consistently for 1-2 years.

Will CrossFit help me lose weight?

In a word: Yes… but weight alone is misleading. Here’s why: You’ll probably gain weight during the initial weeks of doing CrossFit because you’ll gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Since muscle weighs more than fat, your weight may stay flat or even go up. After 4 to 6 weeks, your body will begin burn fat faster thanks to new muscle gains boosting your metabolism. This is when you’ll really start to lose significant weight and see noticeable changes in your body. This process will go on for as long as you keep working out and have fat to lose. Once you’ve lost all the fat your body can afford to lose, it’s likely you’ll start gaining weight again except this time it’ll be mostly muscle. This back-and-forth process indicates change in your body composition and will keep going until your body eventually find its natural equilibrium (stable weight) with which to support your new lifestyle. Given that your body weight will go up and/or down during this process, we recommend tracking body composition changes over time by taking and recording regular body measurements.

I am out of shape. Should I get in shape before doing CrossFit?

Of course not! You’ll get in shape by doing CrossFit, and in doing so become fit to do whatever else you’d like to do.

I am overweight/obese. Should I lose weight before doing CrossFit?

No, you don’t have to lose weight before starting CrossFit. Being overweight may prevent you from doing some or all movements/workouts exactly as prescribed, but being overweight/obese alone won’t prevent you from doing CrossFit altogether. If you’re determined to lose weight, we can help you overcome it.

Can CrossFit help me look like a supermodel?

No. Honestly, there are much better choices out there than CrossFit if the supermodel look is what you’re going for.

Will CrossFit make me bulky?

No. “Bulkiness” is a result of genetics plus “engineering”. You’d have to have the frame (ie. Being “big boned”), the capacity to withstand extreme training volumes (25+ hours per week), and eat enormous amounts of food like clockwork every day over many months/years. Even then, normal human beings still cannot become bulky like body builders without additional supplementation. The truth is CrossFit training produces muscular/toned bodies that are functional and athletic which most people would consider to be aesthetically pleasing.

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